Excellence in Consumer Finance

Aasa Global combines traditional scoring algorithms with large data sets and innovative big data to create sophisticated models for credit scoring.

Aasa does not operate in the sub-prime or payday-lending segments, but provides responsible credit only to bankable customers through streamlined processes and state-of-the-art technology.

Aasa - Responsible, Reliable and Profitable Consumer Credit Specialist.

Aasa aims to serve qualified borrowers, people who would be welcome to borrow money from any traditional bank, but are not being served efficiently by them. We offer people a fast, convenientservice, at rates only slightly higher than the  premiums they would pay at their local bank.

We can do this because we know the Finnish market well and our sophisticated credit scoring models enable us to build a quality loan portfolio that withstands changes of even the most severe economic downturns.

Our quality processes and credit scoring make us one of the most trusted consumer credit specialists in Finland.