Aasa Corporate Culture

We are an inspiring employer, that supports innovative grass-roots initiatives and cooperation between different divisions and offices.

Our employee development and satisfaction as well as creating excellent work culture are priorities for us.

The Organizational Culture survey conducted among our employees at the end of 2016 has confirmed that the Aasa main strengths are:
  • Clarity
  • Satisfaction
  • Motivation
  • Quality

Our employees know their responsibilities and are motivated to go beyond their scope, to contribute in further company success. They feel job satisfaction and are motivated. They also believe that Aasa is committed to providing high quality services.

The results also showed that Aasa has a strong caring culture and our employees feel like one big family. They also tend to help and support each other, and values that unifies them are loyalty and trust.

With the second culture style, which is being results-orientation, people are driven to achieve great things and a high value is placed on success and capability.

With the third culture style being learning-orientation, people are willing to take creative risks and value exploration and growth.

The core strengths arising from the Aasa’s culture are:
  • Teamwork
  • Trust
  • Focus
  • Agility

Our organization encourages collaboration and team effort that is why people tend to work well together. Aasa also fosters positive relationships and loyalty, our employees are warm and sincere. Company sets focused and ambitious goals and people work hard toward achieving them. The organization is able to adapt to changing conditions. People tend to be flexible in how they view the world and solve problems.

Every day we strive to make Aasa a comfortable, inspiring and evolving workplace, full of positive vibes!

Feel free to join us!