Programs & Initiatives

We want to inspire and support our employees while developing their own ideas. On this purpose we organize different programs and initiatives aimed at releasing creativity and finding solutions that are important for the development of our employees and the company.

Aasa Spirit – we share our knowledge

In 2017 we have implemented an internal international program “Aasa Spirit”. Once a quarter our employees from different countries and sectors meet for creative brainstorming sessions outside of the office.

The purpose of these meetings is to find solutions to the major challenges faced by the various departments in the company, improving processes and developing new products.

Ninja – we boost our innovativeness

We run the “Ninja” internal project, which aim is to support innovation of our team. Our employees can submit their ideas in different areas and the best of them are implemented with the support of the management board.

So far, there were 4 editions of the program, during which our employees have submitted more than 40 proposals. The jury, consisting of representatives of the Board selected then 7 best initiatives for implementation, and their authors received financial bonuses. In addition, each program participant received a T-shirt with the logo of the program.

Aasa Heart Inside – we do care

We support all internal voluntary initiatives. With the “Aasa Heart Inside” program we regularly support actions, individuals and groups indicated by our staff. Together we participate in charitable initiatives and marathons.

Fifteen of our employees, including two Members of the Board, took part in a charity relay race ”Poland Business Run 2016”. The aim was to help people who were subjected to amputations as a result of unhappy accidents. One of the beneficiaries were the people supported by the Jasiek Mela foundation – ”Beyond Horizons”.

Our football team won 4-th place in the charity competition for the Association of Nursing-Shelters “With confidence in the Third Millennium”. They  had also participated in a charity auction where they won a painting.

During the last Christmas charity internal initiative we chose four programs submitted by our employees and together we provided material and financial support to four foundations.

Feel free to join us!