AA-Yleislaina OÜ is the second leading Finnish consumer finance company and a member of Aasa Global Group, which is operating in Finland and Poland.

Yleislaina, the second brand for Aasa Global customers, has provided reliable and safe lending since 2011. Like Aasa, the company provide fast, flexible and affordable financing for households. Customer satisfaction and quick decision-making are key factors in our everyday lending.

We respect our client’s privacy and handle sensitive information with ultimate care to ensure that information is protected with the highest security. We pride ourselves on our consistent fast, flexible and reliable financing solutions combined with professional customer service. AA-Yleislaina OÜ always operates according to the principles of responsible lending by ECRC.


Aasa as a FinTech company is constantly developing new innovative solutions to provide convenientaccess to financial products. Aasa’s business model is well established and based on transparency,promptness, simplicity and safety.